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Ikspan is an outsourced e-distributor providing access to a world-class team of experts. As distribution and online sales experts, we understand the fast-pace of today's business marketplace and where you needs fit within it. We provide concrete solutions tailored to meet our clients needs framed on state-of-the-art technologies.

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What We Do

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Data-driven designs

Design is not only to be seen, but also to be felt. Our research department provides deep insights into your customers habits & expectations. These data shape the foundation for the creation & optimization of a custom-built, detail-oriented websites and apps to boost your online presence.

Styling and Creating

Your brand has an iconic and powerful visual identity across multiple channels. From photoshoot visuals, to color schemes to typography, we help you build a unique visual personality within the e-commerce best practices.

Community Management

Whether it is to go out within your online community or to reach out to potential customers, our Community Services advocate your own social persona. Applying contemporary strategies (retargeting, newsletters, social plateforms...), we engage your customers in a personalized relationship and insure an always-on customer service.

Market expansion

Scaling up your business is all about finding the right partner. We introduce you to our network of leading retailers. Our team is here to help you find the right marketplaces and affiliates for your brand. Our Lead Generation Services broaden your audience and your access to capital.

All-in-One Supply Chain

Delivery is a challenge. We provide a cohesive supply to distribution strategy with high-quality logistics. From inventory storage to shipping to return processing, we save you money with economic-incentive solutions, at the domestic and the international scale.


We share the risks with you, performance is our reward. If you take a hit , we do too. Our business is your business. One size doesn't fit all and each client receive the personalized attention they deserve thanks to our omni-channel strategy.

Who is IKSPAN?

With a team of over 30 Experts in all aspects of the E-commerce world. Ikspan brings you everything you'll need to have your business succeed.


Laurent Ruben


He was at first, product marketing manager at Apple where he was responsible for the introduction of the old version of the IPad called Newton. He also worked at Adaptec, Accenture and Sur la Terre Medias where he was CEO in leading Internet and publishing venture across Europe and Americas before selling the company. Then Laurent Ruben was founder and General Manager at French Accelerator. Prior to that, Laurent was President of Nero where he pivoted the company from a consumer’s legacy business to an OEM high margin revenue stream in North and South America. As a General Manager of Genymobile he successfully setup the US branch of the group and maximized company’s valuation by 10x over one year. Laurent is from Marseille, France and graduated from Kedge Business School, in Marseille, France. He also earns a Master’s degree in Economics from Middlesex University, London and an Executive Education from Stanford University. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Guiom Zarka


With such en experience acquired in hardware and software, Guiom has started a company for POP and in-store merchandising. He had among its clients the biggest name of the retail industry from L’Oreal to Henkel, P&G, Sony, EA Games, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and Masterlock. He moved in California in 2015, expanded its company and in the same time build oOlala, an hangout app. Because of its unique patented design the app had been featured by Google Play and Apple Store. Today, Guiom spend most of its time to find growth and channel opportunities without any geographical limits for its clients.

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